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 Whitney Here...

The day started with getting dressed. I wore my pink EMS shirt with a zebra on it and Jd wore his new Child Hope screened shirt that also happened to be pink (his first pink shirt ever). We were matching. So in honor of that, we opened the pink envelope sent by the Landon/Hilferty group, a note from Mamma Tracey.

Let me back up a minute, our jobs while we are here in Haiti will be to work with the Child Hope transition home. And the kicker is, when we arrived on tuesday, we had until thursday night to learn everything before our predecessors left town friday morning. Jd is standing in for David, the heart and soul of the transition home and I am replacing Dana, an incredibly talented 20 year old fashion designer that created a sewing program out of nothing in one month.... Daunting?

You took the words right out of my mouth.

So back to this morning, the pink shirts and the subsequent pink note. The card said Start Small. I opened it and immediately said, "well that's appropriate!" and as you can guess the rest of the note from Momma Tracey was right on the mark as well.

We've come here with essentially two things, the skills we have, and the big trump card, an awesome God. All we can do as finite beings is what we know how to do and pray and release the rest. Stressing about every aspect that Dana and I cannot fulfill or about all the projects David started that might lag in his absence will not make them come to fruition. Doing the very best I can with the woman or child right in front of me and trusting that God can do a much greater work than I could imagine, now that's something I can handle.

All that being said, I have learned a ton from Dana in the last 48 hours and she will be greatly missed. I also have some serious brain storming to do to come up with teaching plans, projects and possibly some business lessons (I'm open to suggestions!). But I now have some new priorities, start small, focus on the person in front of me and pray for the peace to not stress the things outside my control.

(internet is spotty so no pics yet. coming soon...)

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  1. I am one of those who either has confidence in people and entrusts them or... well... doesn't.

    I've got full confidence.
    (and i'm only an email/skype call away from you two fast, fast learners).



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