calculus take two.

For all those who read my last confession:

I am thrilled to let you all know that my second calculus test went swimmingly. While I won't divulge my exact numerical score, it is the kind of grade that keeps a smile on your face all day.

A big thanks to God and all the encouragement to press on from friends and family. This was a wonderful relief and a great inspiration to continue working hard.

On another note, Whitney and I are planning a trip to Haiti for the month of September. We are quite excited about working with an NGO called Child Hope. I'll write more details of this story later. We are waiting for the final confirmation from the NGO to buy tickets.

Enjoy the sun!

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  1. Congrats JD!! There was never any doubt over here that you would master that calc beast, regardless of how "vital" it really is in the path to that white coat. You are a classic (over) achiever. :)

    Excited to hear about your adventures in Haiti!


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