Epic Day

May 21, 2011.

BBC said the world was supposed to end and Jesus return. Ooops.

Instead of floating into the air with millions of other people whitney and I had the best day I've had in a while. It was a majorly belated birthday celebration that started with coffee and the best lemon strawberry scone you've ever laid your tastebuds on...

Then we drove the scenic and beautiful roads out to Rocks State Park, Maryland. Rock climbing!!!

A friend of mine let me borrow his 30lb pack of climbing gear and we hoofed it up to the ledge. The sun was shining, whit was getting a tan and I decided that I should be a professional rock climber... again.

This was our view all morning long. About 70 feet up and overlooking a small valley.

Correct. I DO have the coolest wife ever. 

After sweating our butts off climbing a perfect flaky crack with a small overhang. We headed north through some more beautiful country scape that reminded us or northern maine or pennsylvania. Who knew Maryland could be so gorgeous.

We popped the boat into the water at the Charlestown, MD boat ramp and quickly proceeded to get her running. Once out away from the dock, Josh gave it some throttle and we.... didn't go very fast.  BUMMER.

We certainly weren't gonna be able to wakeboard going 5 mph. So we brought the boat back into the dock and the mechanical engineer Josh started tearing the engine apart, found a water hose that was loose, adjusted the throttle and idle cables, fixed a spark plug and 1 hour later we were screaming across the water at closer to 40 mph. It was sunny, hot and a beautiful day.

Here is a short video of me loving Josh's boat!

We drove back to annapolis, met Whit's parents for dinner at a super fun and laid back place called Sly Fox. Then we buzzed over to the movie theater to finish off our night with Fast Five.

A truly fun day with a truly awesome girl.

I am a blessed man.

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  1. LOVE IT Joter! It sounds sooooo perfect and what a lovely day for it! You certainly do have one "truly awesome girl"...I love having you out in the blogging world!


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