blue collar + white collar = 'baby blue' collar?

my life is now on a course headed toward the 'white collar' world. the world that has much of the wealth of this nation and also pays most of the tax revenue. the world of the ivory tower and the separate elitist. of course, not all doctors fit these categories and not all white collar people are elitist. but let's be honest, a person with the opportunity to even consider med school is quite different from the guy who mulched the neighborhood lawns.

however, i am proud of my blue collar background. following a highly theoretical 'let's read this and talk about that' kind of education, i found myself diving into the challenges of the blue collar world. on any given day you'll find me fixing a leaky toilet, unsticking doors, running electric for new light fixtures, or maybe installing insulation under homes with cramped crawlspaces full of cobwebs, glass and animal bones. i know what it takes to shovel and spread 20 cubic yards of wet mulch alone... in one day. it is hard, hard work and the toughness of my hands proves the work i've done.

so what am i saying here.

one day i'll sit down with some blue collar guy and his family who speak no english and seem intimidated to be in the office of a 'white collar, white male, DOCTOR.' i'm gonna look at him, notice his calloused palms and the dark lines of fresh dirt under his finger nails... and i'm gonna smile....

i know this guy.

his blue collar life won't lead me to condescension or easy stereotypes about some non-tax paying, non-english speaking illegal immigrant... no, i'll be filled with respect and admiration for a man who works hard. a man who has a back ache not from sitting in a comfy chair but because he lifted 80 lb bags of concrete all day.

these guys are my heroes. i'll be a white collar doc who looks UP to my blue collar patients.

so i think i'll endeavor to be a 'baby blue' collar doctor.

my dirty face after a day installing insulation in an itty bitty crawlspace

laying the bathroom floor on the second floor

a bunch of kids thought it'd be cool to tear up all the bricks, more fun for me.


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  2. Couldn't handle that I misused your vs. you're...it's one of my grammatical pet peaves...

    I think your greatest strength as a MD will be your ability to relate to and value a wide variety of people. You're bright, and that's important too, but even more so than that, you connect to and care about others. THAT'S the essence of being a doctor, in my opinion. (and the lots and lots of school, lots and lots of experience, and lots and lots of knowledge and skills matters too.)

    plus, baby blue is a good color on you. :)

  3. haha.. you're definitely jerry's wife. a perfect fit.

  4. i have never been to the hospital for any sort of injury... only that time that seems forever ago when i was born, and visiting others. well one day, whether injured, pregnant, or dying, i hope to see you there at my bedside or tableside watching over me and confirming my safety and peace. you are going to be a stellar and sapro doctor. i know it. i love you bro :)

    PS. even if i haven't been bashed and bruised, sweating and working until my hands are calloused, you better still appreciate the hard work i have sweated and cried through. haha. i am joking. but it would be lovely if you treated me like the blue collars ;)


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