blow a hole in your wall... i did.

Have you ever walked from one room to the next and been like, "i really wish this wall wasn't there," or said, "these rooms feel so small and claustrophobic."

Welcome to whit and I's latest project. We talked about it for a while and one night it happened.

A shot of inspiration moved into the realm of action and i whipped out the key hole saw and blew a hole in the wall.

The pictures today are after cutting out the studs (2x4s that hold up walls) and supporting the 2nd story with a double 2x12 header (the structural support over windows, doors, and big holes in the wall like mine). 

2nd coat of spackle and I'll begin building the breakfast bar with 1x3 lengths of premium grade pine.

 Once i finish the spackle and install the breakfast bar, we'll paint the kitchen and living room. We'll be sure to keep you posted and do the big reveal in hopefully less than a month (wink, wink). If you don't know this already, carpenters are predominantly known to have projects like this last for indefinitely long periods of time. My current count... 23 days. Let's try to keep it under 40 shall we?

Anybody else have those scary projects?  Write me for design ideas and any help. Whit and I love this stuff.

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